Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NEW Cerebral Blueprint's 2nd T shirt- ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY

The 2nd creation by Cerebral Blueprint features a purple octopus with yellow pokadots. This particular octo only has 7 legs because he is the Chrontopus. His body has been designed to look like a cannabis leaf. He is purple to show the true royalty and power of the wearer of this shirt. He has white eyes to show his illumination of love along with 4 suckers in each eye to aim and beam your soul with positive energy and the ability to elevate your frequency by using cannabis. He is positioned near the left side of the shirt towards the middle to show his journey through the light blue ocean (the t shirt is light blue) to find the brain, which is located at the highest point on the shirt. Once you have fully elevated, you can understand and embrace your true powers as a human creator.

On the back of the shirt it says; ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY in white to represent bubbles floating up. The text goes from the bottom to the top and the letters are stacked up like building blocks. The phrase is positioned along the spine going upwards to represent the life force energy that flows through all.

Above the text on the shoulders, there are two different designs. On the left shoulder there is the brain, the logo of Cerebral Blueprint.

On the right shoulder there is the original Cerebral Blueprint font created by the artist to show some of the symbols that have influenced him. The octo in the letter C, the dinosaur tail in the b, the peace sign in the a, the elephant in the B, the aries symbol in the u, the heart in the p, a detached balloon in the i symbolizing an outter body experience, and the tree in the t.

The whole T shirt helps you to elevate your frequency to the highest possible love vibration so that you can be on a higher consciousness and acknowledge the Universal Connection

The Portable Shops along the way

Little girl loves the CB stickers and The Octo

I was at the allman bros show in camden, NJ setting up shop and this little girl was all about the stickers and loved the octo stuffed animal, I mean, who doesn't?