Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thoughts turned into a written freestyle

Raw carrots
Raw broc
Plus the herb crop
Makes me unstop-able
No obstacle that I can't get through
With the help of Ganesha I'll be stompin' through

I see you
And you see me
So lets bless up and elevate our frequencies

Creating my reality
No whackness, organic authenticity
My mission, inspire the society
Bring nature to the city
Green leaves on buildings
Giant mushrooms, infiltrating
Expanding the imagination of the population
Enhancing the connection with spiritual vibration

Sunshine stimulation is a necessity
It helps me juice the pineal and increase my creativity

Believe in the energy that connects everything
Once acknowledged, it is so easy to see

You ask, and you shall receive
The universe delivers it to our present reality

And the fact that it be
I'ma nutritious emcee(so healthy)

No meat, need protein, so I eat leafy greens
And I burn the sateev so gloriously
It helps me find the essence and elevate my spirituality