Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

Sometimes you gota sleep till 3 pm

Just because it is a dream does not mean that it wasn't real

Everything in moderation, breaks are healthy

Cerebral Blueprint will be as big as Bob Marley one day

The Chrontopus t shirt should be out by Tuesday

When will humans be able to teleport without machines?

Where is the coolest place in the world? What makes it cool? Does it have a little bit of everthing, or absolutely nothing?

Shrinking yourself down to enter your body to explore and heal is a very cool idea and can really help with self discovery and fixing anything that hurts

If you sat in the same place forever would you grow roots into the ground like a tree?

I watched a video of a dude who got struck by lightening twice, died, and survived...when he died he went to the spirit realm and learned all about life, he saw his entire life, every single encounter, every tiny experience and became every person he has ever been in contact with and felt how he impacted each of them, he saw future events that have come true, and is now comfortable with dying because there is no death, always life, just different than what we are used to, wow

My soul is many colorful swirls interconnected and is always flowing

Looking at a picture of yourself when you are younger is very interesting because you can go back in time and experience what you were feeling at that exact moment

Your mind is one of the best explorers of the Universe because you can create anything

Do you believe in past lives? If so, how many have you had; 5? 100? 1,000,000? What were you in those past lives; human, animal, plant, the entire Universe?

What do you feel you have the strongest connection with? For me, it would be elephants, my mom, octopus, trees, and the Universe

Before the Big Bang, everything was connected, but then after, everything was spread out across the entire Universe and separated , but since it was connected in the beginning, it will always remain connected forever through the Life Force Web that holds all together

Smile, be happy, say hello, help out, think positively, love, laugh, play, dance your face off, and have fun with/in whatever you are doing

Everyone has a purpose in this Universe, what is yours? If you do not know, find it through Self discovery, find your True Self...although difficult, with practice and a little help from any psychoactive you choose it will come

Grow your hair, let the locks flow like water