Friday, July 9, 2010

Thoughts of many days

It is pretty crazy how your poop always smells the same. I mean it depends on what kind of food you are eating, but for the majority of the time it is always brown and smells like shit. I wonder if you ate some flowers would it have a nice potpourri smell?

The eyes are the peep-holes to the world...How do we see into ourselves?

Imagine seeing yourself from another perspective, outside of your body looking at yourself

I think when the body and mind are in creation mode, the soul is released during that time into whatever you are creating; artwork, food, music, dance, new thoughts...So the ultimate creation would be creating a life...The soul busts out in the form of an orgasm and carries the blueprint of that life. The egg is like the canvas, and the sperm is like the paint and brushes

You need to step outside your circle to meet new people so that you can create mini circles connected to your circle

What if you could hand things to people thru the computer...the screen is a portal into your friend's world

What if going to the store was not an option? You had to create everything you used to buy

Are new souls ever born? And if so, how? If everything has a soul, then is there no need for new souls?

The soul inhabits a vehicle(body) so that it can gain experience on Earth and then return back to the collective consciousness that is the Uni/Multiverse

Everything you do is for your soul to experience...It is the driving force of your actions, from the moment you wake up to when your head hits the pillow...EXPERIENCE