Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

When people meet, their realities combine into one reality where both of the them are creating it at the same time. So if you and everyone you encounter are always thinking good thoughts, being positive, and loving life, you can actually change the world

Something/body will pick up on those good thoughs

Try to make somebody smile everyday

Having a water bottle helps to stay hydrated, my pee is always crystal clear

I was wondering why Christmas Trees? ..."Some traditions credit St Boniface with the invention of the Christmas tree. The aforementioned Oak of Thor at Geismar was chopped down by Boniface in a stage-managed confrontation with the old gods and local heathen tribes. A fir tree growing in the roots of the Oak was claimed by Boniface as a new symbol: "This humble tree's wood is used to build your homes: let Christ be at the centre of your households. Its leaves remain evergreen in the darkest days: let Christ be your constant light. Its boughs reach out to embrace and its top points to heaven: let Christ be your Comfort and Guide."
"Legend has it that he used the triangular shape of the Fir Tree to describe the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit"(

Wow, I have new found knowledge

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

Imagine the perfect reality...what is it?

The Trees are the Earth's beard, antennas downloading Cosmic knowledge

"yeah, no sh*t Dick Tracy!" mls

New prettylights cd is rideldo, "Passing by Behind your Eyes"

Meditate on your spirit animal, what can you learn from them?

3 Foxes have crossed my path recently, making me think how am I like the fox?

If Souls come from the Stars, Who or What is creating them?

How many lifetimes have I lived? How many different species has my Soul inhabited?

You don't need an x-box or outer technology because you have the most amazing Inner Technology

Acknowledge every Thought, think good things, if bad ones pop in, erase, and flood with the happiest Thoughts

Pos moving to Santa fe

I crave new Beatz

Look at all from every angel, you may see something you never had seen before

Right place, right time

Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Beans, Rice, Bread

Trying to Create an Environment that people can model their lives after...filled with Love and Happiness, sharing responsibilities, growing the food, building the houses, teaching the kids , and grooving to the Cosmic Rhythm

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NEW Cerebral Blueprint's 2nd T shirt- ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY

The 2nd creation by Cerebral Blueprint features a purple octopus with yellow pokadots. This particular octo only has 7 legs because he is the Chrontopus. His body has been designed to look like a cannabis leaf. He is purple to show the true royalty and power of the wearer of this shirt. He has white eyes to show his illumination of love along with 4 suckers in each eye to aim and beam your soul with positive energy and the ability to elevate your frequency by using cannabis. He is positioned near the left side of the shirt towards the middle to show his journey through the light blue ocean (the t shirt is light blue) to find the brain, which is located at the highest point on the shirt. Once you have fully elevated, you can understand and embrace your true powers as a human creator.

On the back of the shirt it says; ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY in white to represent bubbles floating up. The text goes from the bottom to the top and the letters are stacked up like building blocks. The phrase is positioned along the spine going upwards to represent the life force energy that flows through all.

Above the text on the shoulders, there are two different designs. On the left shoulder there is the brain, the logo of Cerebral Blueprint.

On the right shoulder there is the original Cerebral Blueprint font created by the artist to show some of the symbols that have influenced him. The octo in the letter C, the dinosaur tail in the b, the peace sign in the a, the elephant in the B, the aries symbol in the u, the heart in the p, a detached balloon in the i symbolizing an outter body experience, and the tree in the t.

The whole T shirt helps you to elevate your frequency to the highest possible love vibration so that you can be on a higher consciousness and acknowledge the Universal Connection

The Portable Shops along the way

Little girl loves the CB stickers and The Octo

I was at the allman bros show in camden, NJ setting up shop and this little girl was all about the stickers and loved the octo stuffed animal, I mean, who doesn't?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

Why is "God" separate from us? Why do we make it seem like "God" is a far away mythical creature like a unicorn? Why can't we understand the power and embrace it?

Why is believing in aliens against the bible?

The bible is a cool book

My Halloween costume is a sensei

What does a goldfish think about?

Cali is sooo chill, a lot of people understand and embrace the power of manifestation so people are actually controlling their realities and changing them however they seem fit

Imagine a society without paper money?

Every mistake is an opportunity to grow

Always have an intention

People need to get goofy more often 

It's hard to celebrate without champagne

Cannabis doesn't make people dumb, if you are dumb and you blaze, then it will probably make you dumber, however, if you are smart and you blaze, then I think it will make you smarter. It will allow you to create more connections therefore creating new ideas and giving you a different perspective on the Universe

What does the the word "universe" mean? One verse, like one turn? If there is only one turn then it has to be a circle, representing a cycle pattern 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

right now i have on the freshest cerebral blueprint creation, the OCTOPUS-ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY and i am FLYING HIGH, YES! They are waiting to be rocked...Michael Lamb bought the first one, 30 bills, whose next?

Cerebral Blueprint now has two t shirts, next stop, california, embrace me with open arms

how do you take down mcdonalds?

lizards and snakes are creepy

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

Sometimes you gota sleep till 3 pm

Just because it is a dream does not mean that it wasn't real

Everything in moderation, breaks are healthy

Cerebral Blueprint will be as big as Bob Marley one day

The Chrontopus t shirt should be out by Tuesday

When will humans be able to teleport without machines?

Where is the coolest place in the world? What makes it cool? Does it have a little bit of everthing, or absolutely nothing?

Shrinking yourself down to enter your body to explore and heal is a very cool idea and can really help with self discovery and fixing anything that hurts

If you sat in the same place forever would you grow roots into the ground like a tree?

I watched a video of a dude who got struck by lightening twice, died, and survived...when he died he went to the spirit realm and learned all about life, he saw his entire life, every single encounter, every tiny experience and became every person he has ever been in contact with and felt how he impacted each of them, he saw future events that have come true, and is now comfortable with dying because there is no death, always life, just different than what we are used to, wow

My soul is many colorful swirls interconnected and is always flowing

Looking at a picture of yourself when you are younger is very interesting because you can go back in time and experience what you were feeling at that exact moment

Your mind is one of the best explorers of the Universe because you can create anything

Do you believe in past lives? If so, how many have you had; 5? 100? 1,000,000? What were you in those past lives; human, animal, plant, the entire Universe?

What do you feel you have the strongest connection with? For me, it would be elephants, my mom, octopus, trees, and the Universe

Before the Big Bang, everything was connected, but then after, everything was spread out across the entire Universe and separated , but since it was connected in the beginning, it will always remain connected forever through the Life Force Web that holds all together

Smile, be happy, say hello, help out, think positively, love, laugh, play, dance your face off, and have fun with/in whatever you are doing

Everyone has a purpose in this Universe, what is yours? If you do not know, find it through Self discovery, find your True Self...although difficult, with practice and a little help from any psychoactive you choose it will come

Grow your hair, let the locks flow like water

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

Your Mind is the remote to change your realities

What was the Universe like before the big bang?

What created the Dinosaurs?

Be silly

Imagine the possibilities, create the realities 

Elevate all frequencies so you can be infinitely  connected

Activate the Chakras 

Let the magic of Cerebral Blueprint help you to unlock the power of creation 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

Seeing the Sun rise is the only cool thing about the morning

11am is a good time to start the day

More places should be open 24 hours

Loose yourself in the Dance

Is there a law about sticking stickers?

I would like some Nature knowledge and some Earth technology

I love the smell of a skunk

Why are there cigarette breaks, but no booze or blaze breaks?

I'm ready for a new place, new people, new food, and a new experience

Thank you Earth for letting me chill for a while

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

The Wind awakens the Trees

Hug your Mom

The Moon is slowly risisng

Acknowledge the Sun

Bless everything

Wake up with Love and Positive Thoughts

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

You can't always have chicken fingers

If you get hurt, you shouldn't have to pay

Focus on your inner technology; your brain, your heart, your body, and your soul

Thank everything that helps you grow

Help others in need

Always be groovin'

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

It doesn't matter what medium you decide to play with because your hand is always your hand

If a particle can bi-locate and be in superposition and our bodies are made up of trillions of particles then we too can unlock these powers by training our minds to think we can do so. To be every where at once is the ultimate enlightenment

By acknowledging Nature and showing gratitude to everything we can discover inner peace therefore creating outer peace, Universal peace

Awaken your third eye and see the hidden realm

Wednesday, April 22, 2009