Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some Thoughts of Some Days(Poems, Songs, Freestyles)


Sandy landscapes allow for mutation
Shrinking down to enter inside

Descending from thinking to feeling
Opening Up
Stepping Out

Conduction the body in organic harmony
The music keeps me alive

Cleansing the dark to light
Refresh the Breath

Cannabis, I love it
Ganja budda, I grub it...on my pasta
Supreme elevation like an irie rasta
Always thinking good thoughts for ya
Spreading love round the world like peanut butta
Sparking the fire
Rising higher and higher

Sativa gets I energized
Indica gets I paralyzed
Don't get hypnotized by the lies
Open your eyes and uncover the design

It's a plant from the Earth
Growing up through the dirt
Respect the Herb
Soar like a bird
Dis be the word...for all to hear
Wiser and wiser each and every year

Flow in the SFO airport...

Fresh from the picking
Open my eyes and start thinking
What is it that I want
More income and a super nutritious lunch
To stop the war on drugs and start a movement with hugs
Flying like a bug
Transforming like a caterpillar
The highest quality vitamins, no fillers

Get a hair cut so my brains on point
Think consciously so I light that joint
Not from Des Moines, but from Pa, now I rep the bay and I say Pi-Chaow buey!

Step through in my fresh white shoes
The energy is lighting up the room
elevating the mood
Raw food makes me feel so good
Plus a hood on my sweatshirt so my head stays warm
Pre-historic monster flow call me megaladon
Continually swimming in the thoughts that I'm thinking
Making wishes every minute
Supply is low, time to replenish
Extinguish the negative
Light up the positive
And let that love catch fire
Manifest your desire
And Let the wind take you higher

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thoughts of a Few Days

I, You, We are the ART. Everything else that exists outside of us is an extension of what is naturally inside

The water bottle is a cool invention. It creates a holding tank for the water. Because of it, we can portabalize this sacred element and always be able to replenish the source

Wiggling my tongue in the mirror looks really cool. What would be even cooler is if I had transparent skin so that I could see through myself and everything inside of me

Hunting should only be a sport if the animals willingly participate. Man tries to kill animal. Animal tries to kill man. Imagine a grizzy bear, a buck, an elephant, or a cheetah dodging bullets and running full speed towards you. That could be olympic material

The creation of a Human Being is amazing. From a one celled organism to a multi celled organism in a few days, weeks, and eventually a complete baby in 9 months. In less than a year a person is created. Sperm and Egg are the architects with their DNA as their blueprint

The Body is a community/town/city/state/country/planet/star/universe of cells. Activate the cell communication for optimal cooperation. Work together to rise higher

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thoughts of a day

You are the architect of your reality. Your thoughts build your perception of the world you sense around you. Each thought is a brick you have to stack correctly to create a balanced structure

Animals can speak their own language that most of us cannot understand. Why do we feel a sense of superiority to/over animals? Animal/primitive nature is are original behavior

Even if you are sitting still doing nothing, there is still a complex factory at work inside of your body. The brain and the heart are constantly working; sending communication signals/commands and pumping blood throughout the whole body to keep everything up and running smoothly. Positive thinking is like a well oiled machine

Think about changing your perception of time...What does time feel like?

Write down a list of things you like to do. The more things on the list, the better. Be specific

How do we reduce are trash production? How can we get rid of packaging?

Everything that is on this Earth, whether naturally occurring or made by man is still natural. Even synthetic chemicals made in a lab are derived from an organic source

Was the human race created in a "lab" by extra-dimensional "scientists"?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thoughts of a Few Days

Why do people need to always occupy their time with something or activity. When is the last time you sat sill, in silence, and thought about nothing. Possibly try putting down the phone, turn off the mp3 player and chill

Why are we working for other people? Why aren't we working for ourselves? Bettering ourselves everyday, striving to make our lives/self as happy as we should be. Look around, life is amazing

What if you were just visiting Earth for 24 hours? Think about that when you wake up every morning. What do you want to do to experience in or out of our laws of physics? Live your life to the fullest everyday. Don't be a couch potade, be a cloud tomade, hovering thru the skies red like fire balancing between that fine line between fru and vegg. Don't take waking up in the morning for granted because one day you won't wake up. Celebrate life!

Cannabis is an amazing facilitator into the Psilocybin realm

When you die, you wake up?

Dribble the beat

Every interaction with a girl is a good one because it allows you to hone your skills. Practice makes perfect. So go talk to the next chick you see about anything. Make them smile

Dancing is like being on a roller-coaster

Generosity is important for other to see your sharing nature, so that they can follow the same path. Put it out there so the Universe can present it back to you. Give presents, no matter how small. Little things are always appreciated

What is if this waking life/present reality we know, is actually the dream. 80 years in this world could really be 20 seconds in another dimension

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thoughts of many days

It is pretty crazy how your poop always smells the same. I mean it depends on what kind of food you are eating, but for the majority of the time it is always brown and smells like shit. I wonder if you ate some flowers would it have a nice potpourri smell?

The eyes are the peep-holes to the world...How do we see into ourselves?

Imagine seeing yourself from another perspective, outside of your body looking at yourself

I think when the body and mind are in creation mode, the soul is released during that time into whatever you are creating; artwork, food, music, dance, new thoughts...So the ultimate creation would be creating a life...The soul busts out in the form of an orgasm and carries the blueprint of that life. The egg is like the canvas, and the sperm is like the paint and brushes

You need to step outside your circle to meet new people so that you can create mini circles connected to your circle

What if you could hand things to people thru the computer...the screen is a portal into your friend's world

What if going to the store was not an option? You had to create everything you used to buy

Are new souls ever born? And if so, how? If everything has a soul, then is there no need for new souls?

The soul inhabits a vehicle(body) so that it can gain experience on Earth and then return back to the collective consciousness that is the Uni/Multiverse

Everything you do is for your soul to experience...It is the driving force of your actions, from the moment you wake up to when your head hits the pillow...EXPERIENCE

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Slow down jam

Slow down

No need to rush now

Slow down

Time to just chill out

Slow down

When you're drivin'

Slow down

When you're thinkin'

Slow down

When you're doin'

Slow down

While you're groovin'

We want the sun jam

Salida del sol, illumination

Gives life and warmth, makes everything feel all right

Good thoughts in mind, bless the sunshine

Forrest photosynthesize and the animals harmonize

Magnification of the electromagnetic radiation

Enjoy the natural herbalation


We want the sun

Tryin' to play outside

We want the sun

Groove to the Lifted Vibes

We want the sun

Vitamin D creation

We want the sun

Tryin' to have some fun

The system is solar and balanced by lunar

The web is connected

Universally spun by all creators

Earth is Mama, the body is the temple

Unlock the powers

Cultivate the garden


We want the sun

Tryin' to play outside

We want the sun

Groove to the Lifted Vibes

We want the sun

Vitamin D creation

We want the sun

Tryin' to have some fun

Give thanks and praise for the cosmic rays...

Full Moon jam

The moon is slowly rising

Soon it will be full

Lighting up the night time

Stirring up the souls

Getting a lil CRAZY!

Possibly a wolf-man

No need for silver bullets cause he likes to jam

ahhhhhhhhwooooooooooooooooo, ooooooowahooooo, ooooowahooooowahooooooooooooooo

Sitting on the plane at 2 am thoughts

Planes need more activities; where is the entertainment section to chill out, watch tv, and sip a lil cocktail? I don’t just wana sit here, that’s why I’m writing

What happened to young snoop, he got old, and nobody wanted to hear him spell his name out anymore

Obama was supposed to be some savior, and what specifically has he done? I’m asking because I don’t know

It is amazing to me that I am sitting inside this metal tube around 35,ooo ft in the sky flying through the air to arrive on the other side of the country in around 6 hours

People need to think more about others and less about themselves. However, change must come from the inside first to see a reflection of that in the world around you

Long hair, long life…long dick, happy wife

Some beats just have to be bumped

The Cerebral Blueprint store will be unlike anything ever created before

What is something you do not like about yourself? Accept it and embrace it. This is the body and the personality you have agreed to, so stop complaining and start living, happily.

Maximize your potential is the name of the game along with manifesting the dankest, all the time

How many kinds of language are there?

Body, Sign(hand), Verbal, Eye, Brain

The brain plant, feed it with the most amazing nutrients from around the world

Exercise the mind, explore the imagination, turn off the television and think, quietly

Talk to pretty girls, even if they are doing something, just say anything

The more you help out the earth, the longer it will allow you to live on it

The ocean is a watery portal into another dimension

The bass is the keeper of the beat

Bob Marley with Sublime would be the best concert to see

Long locks tighten the connection with the spiritual vibration, antennas to the ground pick up the positive sound, allowing the synapses to fire thoughts profound, creating a conscious revolutionary movement, no shootin’, just groovin’, dancin’, romancin’, triggerin a chain reaction of a happy population expressin’ love for every nation, fuck the regulation, enhance the creation of manifestation, no hesitation, rapid investigation of the soul’s destination, through meditation finding direction, inner navigation to explore the celestial heavens, alien imagination from an earth dwelling physical inhabitation, limitation to location, obstacle destruction with psychoactive consumption, hallucinations, melting illusions, construction of powerful foundations based in natural collaborations, transformation from passive observation to powerful creation, mutation becomes evolution, the solution is in the concoction, no pollution or exaggeration, just knowledgeable information from a wise magician, musician, artisan, and friend

Always talking this and that…but I don’t listen

Always talking that and this…I no pay attention

Focus on the moment, flow with the movement

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Wake up in the morning with the idea that everything will go really well that day and everyday that follows, but obv be in the moment

The hardest part of the mushroom trip is getting over the hill, cannabis can help smooth out the ride

Create an indoor jungle

Inner underwater clock work

Expanding neon amoebas

Sit in silence and reflect

Little kids have a place where they can go to have fun and meet other little kids doing the same thing, it is a a playground. Adults have the same thing, however, it is a bar that serves mind numbing, inhibition lowering liquid that if you drink too much you could die, or at least be unhappy with your result the next morning. NEW IDEA, create an adult playground that serves no booze, and encourages the use of other mind expanding drugs like cannabis, mushrooms, LSD, and MDMA. This environment would be the chillest place to go to. Big comfy beds in private rooms to get as experimental as you want. An assortment of teas would be available for sampling and consuming. The finest quality organic fruits and veggies would be offered from local farms. No meat, because it is too dense and heavy. A variety of incenses and essential oils will be burning throughout the playground. Live music and performance art will be every night. Entrance and prices will be affordable, however, if you cannot afford the monetary value, you will be asked to offer a trade of skills, painting, cooking, creating, helping, anything you got. Pj's are recommended, but, we still want you too look sharp. No discrim, all are welcome

The cannabis clubs are one of the coolest clubs you can go to. People are just hanging out, blazin, listening to music, and watching tv. All different kinds of people, old men and grandma looking ladies, hot 35 year old married ladies, younger cool dudes around mid 20s, black, white, mexican, asian, even aliens. They offer over 15 kinds of herb, baked goods infused with THC, Olive oil, Ganja butter, an assortment of blazing tools, water pipes, pipes, vaporizers, lolly pops, and good vibes for all. Every state, city, and country needs a club

Always think about new ideas...try to look at things differently than you normally would so you can get a new perspective on it

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Michio Kaku is on point... his thoughts on string theory"...the subatomic particles are the notes on the vibrating string, physics are the laws of harmony you can ride on the string, chemistry is the melodies you can play on the string, the Universe is a symphony of strings and therefore what is the mind of God? In this picture the mind of God is cosmic music resonating through 10-11 dimensional hyperspace..."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Observation influences the reaction

Imagine what you want to happen, what is the best reality? How specific can you think? The more detailed the better

the universe has no beginning or end, it is eternal like the soul

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Are pineapples serious with how good they are?

Water filtration is nice

When people say you are lucky, what does that even mean? Can everyone be lucky? What is luck, some magical force?

Can you create your own luck? And if so, how?

Is it similar to Karma?

Would being nice and helping out others increase your luck?

What are the things that make you happy?

What is number 1 on that list?

So many kinds of snowflakes

So many kinds of life, make yours the best so you can improve others

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What CB is all about

Cerebral Blueprint is a company that aspires to create a higher consciousness in all, an inspiration for the creation of anything you can imagine. We believe that your thoughts create you realities, so positive thoughts will create positive realities. Everything you want to happen will. By taking your thoughts from your imagination and manifesting them into your present reality, you can decide what happens next. The possibilities are infinite. If you believe, anything is possible CB will be specializing in organic clothing that has original abstract blueprints(drawings) and phrases created to inspire the wearer to live a positive and happy life every time he/she wears a CB creation. The designs are made by hand with a lot of love. They are wearable art. A CB creation will help you to become a masterpiece and realize your abilities. CB will enhance your mind and open your heart so that your soul is free to shine at its fullest. We are connecting these blueprints and phrases to different pieces of clothing that are ideal for this kind of positive lifestyle, such as; T shirts, Hoodys, Hats, and Sweatpants. We like to be comfortable in any situation, so we want you to be comfortable too. CB is happy to provide soft organic clothing combined with blueprints and phrases that make you feel good, be good, and look good. We want you to sense the positive energy and thoughts that go into each creation every time you put it on. A CB creation will help you acknowledge the Life-force that flows through everything and connects all things. You will elevate your frequency to its highest potential so that you can be happy all the time and be connected to everything.

CB the name, was born from the idea of creating plans to build a brain. A white brain drawn onto blue architecture paper is the image we have created to establish this idea. How would you create your brain? What thoughts do you want to think? What are your realities and what are your possibilities? CB believes by wearing one of these creations you will surround yourself with positive thoughts and fill your body with love creating happiness in yourself and everything around you. We believe that everyone has infinite potential. However, to unlock this power you need to understand that your thoughts have a direct effect on your realities. When you realize this, you can do anything. Wearing a CB creation will help you reach this incredible power.

CB also specializes in abstract blueprints(paintings) that are created to give any room a very positive ambience. They are created with a lot of colors, love, and positive thoughts. Hanging one of these creations on the wall will have you smiling and feeling happy every time you see it.

CB is inspired by everything and anything in The Universe. Some of the most important are; Peace, Love, Belief, Happiness, Quantum Physics, The Earth, The Aries Constellation, The Trees, Cannabis Sativa, Psilocybin, Dimethyltryptamine, The Elephant, The Octopus, Salvador Dali, The Color Green, and Reggae.


Alone I Sat

Although we are separated

We are still connected

Since we are connected

We are one

If we are one

We are all

All is everything

Everything is anything

If everything is anything

Then what is no-thing?

Is no-thing something?

What thing am I?

I am everything

I am Me

Thank you for Myself

Thank you for PLB

The birds take flight

I step away

Consciously breath

Bless The Cannabis

Inhale deep

Send breaths out with Love

I am a Creator of my own reality

What I want to happen

Will happen

Positive Vibrations can change the world

Cannabis can save the world

All thoughts go somewhere

My thoughts can influence all things

I am them

They are me

We are connected

We are one


Time to change the world

What to do?

Start small

Awake the sleeping Giant

Everything that gives Life is God

Life is God

Fire the synapses, always




Always appreciate

Never doubt



Love all day long


Search for your soul

Enjoy the ride

Always nod your head

Always think positively

The trees are alive


Welcome to the ship

Your bed is on the ceiling

Super natural black goo

Taste like medicine

My elbows begin to tingle

A colorful snake slithers

Smiling like a clown

I cannot stand

Welcome to the ship

Your bed is in the ocean

The sheets become huge swells

You are now underwater

Beaming into my mind, I see the Octopus



2 become 1


The ship is rocking

About to tip

Wax is dripping

The whale is breathing

My eyes are ready

The ship is more steady

Time to depart

Welcome to space

Your bed is on the beach

Just in time, the monkeys are about to dance

Lay back

Enjoy the show

The stars are alive

They begin to dance

Creating a spider creating her web

A fish smiles in the tree

I am a person

I am free

Who are u?


Searching through a web

Finding our paradise

DK3 Milan, unlike anything we have ever known

Jackie Chan was our instructor

Special menus for special people

Elevating your mind to find your soul

Minty fresh, time to roll

Stations required


Pyslly bananas will change your perspective

Pillows become people

Walls have faces

Orion showers the heavens with light

Time to roll

Floating into liquid





Time to roll

Oooh, tea for 3

Comfortably happy

Horizontally sinking

Steadily elevating

Being Pyslly

Feeling the snow fall on my face

I begin to smile

It is cold, but I feel alive

Welcome to this realm

We have been waiting

I want to be a tree, the tallest in the forest

You are a little tree

Where are your branches?

Here they are, I only have 2

It is cold, but I feel alive

Melting into the tree, we become one

Connect me to the earth

It is done

I am a tree, the tree is I

Now is now

Thank you for everything

The trees, the snow

For showing me how to grow

I know

I love

Tomorrow is a new day

Death every night

Life every morning

Infinite realities

Infinite possibilities


The smoke escapes and the rush is on

The buzzing commences

Everything trembles and the lines begin to dance

White walls suddenly become a sea of green




Quick flashes of color mix effortlessly

Has this room been painted?

Looking down

Swimming in a white flood

Quickly melting towards the center or the Earth


Floating away like a balloon

Looking down

Who is this body, and where is it going?

Its arms become tree roots and start growing

The brain is bound, but the mind has infinite potential

Animation is reality and friends become giants

Looking up

Feeling small

Always questioning everything

Except the capability of Paul