Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Wake up in the morning with the idea that everything will go really well that day and everyday that follows, but obv be in the moment

The hardest part of the mushroom trip is getting over the hill, cannabis can help smooth out the ride

Create an indoor jungle

Inner underwater clock work

Expanding neon amoebas

Sit in silence and reflect

Little kids have a place where they can go to have fun and meet other little kids doing the same thing, it is a a playground. Adults have the same thing, however, it is a bar that serves mind numbing, inhibition lowering liquid that if you drink too much you could die, or at least be unhappy with your result the next morning. NEW IDEA, create an adult playground that serves no booze, and encourages the use of other mind expanding drugs like cannabis, mushrooms, LSD, and MDMA. This environment would be the chillest place to go to. Big comfy beds in private rooms to get as experimental as you want. An assortment of teas would be available for sampling and consuming. The finest quality organic fruits and veggies would be offered from local farms. No meat, because it is too dense and heavy. A variety of incenses and essential oils will be burning throughout the playground. Live music and performance art will be every night. Entrance and prices will be affordable, however, if you cannot afford the monetary value, you will be asked to offer a trade of skills, painting, cooking, creating, helping, anything you got. Pj's are recommended, but, we still want you too look sharp. No discrim, all are welcome

The cannabis clubs are one of the coolest clubs you can go to. People are just hanging out, blazin, listening to music, and watching tv. All different kinds of people, old men and grandma looking ladies, hot 35 year old married ladies, younger cool dudes around mid 20s, black, white, mexican, asian, even aliens. They offer over 15 kinds of herb, baked goods infused with THC, Olive oil, Ganja butter, an assortment of blazing tools, water pipes, pipes, vaporizers, lolly pops, and good vibes for all. Every state, city, and country needs a club

Always think about new ideas...try to look at things differently than you normally would so you can get a new perspective on it