Friday, October 30, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

Why is "God" separate from us? Why do we make it seem like "God" is a far away mythical creature like a unicorn? Why can't we understand the power and embrace it?

Why is believing in aliens against the bible?

The bible is a cool book

My Halloween costume is a sensei

What does a goldfish think about?

Cali is sooo chill, a lot of people understand and embrace the power of manifestation so people are actually controlling their realities and changing them however they seem fit

Imagine a society without paper money?

Every mistake is an opportunity to grow

Always have an intention

People need to get goofy more often 

It's hard to celebrate without champagne

Cannabis doesn't make people dumb, if you are dumb and you blaze, then it will probably make you dumber, however, if you are smart and you blaze, then I think it will make you smarter. It will allow you to create more connections therefore creating new ideas and giving you a different perspective on the Universe

What does the the word "universe" mean? One verse, like one turn? If there is only one turn then it has to be a circle, representing a cycle pattern 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

right now i have on the freshest cerebral blueprint creation, the OCTOPUS-ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY and i am FLYING HIGH, YES! They are waiting to be rocked...Michael Lamb bought the first one, 30 bills, whose next?

Cerebral Blueprint now has two t shirts, next stop, california, embrace me with open arms

how do you take down mcdonalds?

lizards and snakes are creepy