Friday, August 20, 2010

Thoughts of a Few Days

Why do people need to always occupy their time with something or activity. When is the last time you sat sill, in silence, and thought about nothing. Possibly try putting down the phone, turn off the mp3 player and chill

Why are we working for other people? Why aren't we working for ourselves? Bettering ourselves everyday, striving to make our lives/self as happy as we should be. Look around, life is amazing

What if you were just visiting Earth for 24 hours? Think about that when you wake up every morning. What do you want to do to experience in or out of our laws of physics? Live your life to the fullest everyday. Don't be a couch potade, be a cloud tomade, hovering thru the skies red like fire balancing between that fine line between fru and vegg. Don't take waking up in the morning for granted because one day you won't wake up. Celebrate life!

Cannabis is an amazing facilitator into the Psilocybin realm

When you die, you wake up?

Dribble the beat

Every interaction with a girl is a good one because it allows you to hone your skills. Practice makes perfect. So go talk to the next chick you see about anything. Make them smile

Dancing is like being on a roller-coaster

Generosity is important for other to see your sharing nature, so that they can follow the same path. Put it out there so the Universe can present it back to you. Give presents, no matter how small. Little things are always appreciated

What is if this waking life/present reality we know, is actually the dream. 80 years in this world could really be 20 seconds in another dimension