Friday, March 4, 2011

Thoughts of a Few Days

What is our cell's motivation to keep the body functioning? Growth...Experience

What can we give to our cells in return for such hard work? Oxygen/clean air, positive thoughts

When I am asleep, who or what is keeping my heart beating and my lungs breathing?

How can I optimize my nutrition? What are the healthiest/most nutritional foods that I can eat with my knowledge and income? Quality vs. Quantity. All about quality. If our bodies are temples, we need to treat them as such. Only the highest quality of everything. And if you can't afford the highest quality products, be sure to bless the item so that you can link your vibrations and prepare your body

April 17th is the day of purpose. So what is my purpose? To elevate the universe with my art. This year the full moon falls on the 17th, mmmmm, very interesting

Being bored means your are too lazy to think creatively

I am 100% positive that I cannot fly in this current waking reality. However, as soon as I enter the dream world, I lose the restrictions of the physical body and can release my soul into the heavens. Conscious day dreaming is a good tool because you can be in control instead of the sub-conscious

You can be anything or anyone, or do anything and everything, or go anywhere and everywhere in the dream world. All limitations cease to exist there. You can fly, and be able to do so without wings. For some reason your body(sub-conscious mind) in this existence knows how to fly. Mastering the dream world is definitely on the list of things to do. Lucid dreaming could transform not only my dreams, but my waking reality too. Because I will be able to solve problems differently in the dream world than in the waking world. Having a new perspective, that is one from the dream world, can be the best tool to solving old problems from your everyday perspective. Learning to interpret my dreams will be helpful in situations when I am confused in my waking life. I can apply what happened and what I learned from the dream in my present reality and react as if I knew it was going to happen because my dream said so. You could be the president of the united states in your dream and solve world hunger, world peace, world disease, world pollution, and all other problems in one night. Time is very strange in the dream world because it seems to not exist, or at at least we don't acknowledge it. Is it because it doesn't matter, we do not put any energy into it, therefore we no longer need it. If you realize and use the power of your consciousness in the dream world, the options are infinite

How do you enhance your seeing? hearing? sensing? PRACTICE. How do you practice enhancing? By acknowledging your bodies actions and activating them. Turn on everyday. The day is practice on how to be, how to experience, and how to learn. How to make everyday the best day it can be

Nature immersion is important for growth. The trees create a majestical and magical place to be alive

LIFE-Living/Loving Intentionally For Earth/Everybody/Experience

Make time and space for things you enjoy

Little kids show how unique people really are. Everyone is so different

Positive energy radiates effortlessly
Spiraling through the air, turning on everything
Consciously elevating
Steadily meditating
Diversifying my creation making

Blessed be me
And blessed be you
Give thanks to the land that I walk on with my shoes
Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?
I got a doobie rolled for 2
Horton and I just heard a who

Things of 3
Do not ask why it be
Because even I cannot understand the mystery of these things

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