Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thoughts of a day

You are the architect of your reality. Your thoughts build your perception of the world you sense around you. Each thought is a brick you have to stack correctly to create a balanced structure

Animals can speak their own language that most of us cannot understand. Why do we feel a sense of superiority to/over animals? Animal/primitive nature is are original behavior

Even if you are sitting still doing nothing, there is still a complex factory at work inside of your body. The brain and the heart are constantly working; sending communication signals/commands and pumping blood throughout the whole body to keep everything up and running smoothly. Positive thinking is like a well oiled machine

Think about changing your perception of time...What does time feel like?

Write down a list of things you like to do. The more things on the list, the better. Be specific

How do we reduce are trash production? How can we get rid of packaging?

Everything that is on this Earth, whether naturally occurring or made by man is still natural. Even synthetic chemicals made in a lab are derived from an organic source

Was the human race created in a "lab" by extra-dimensional "scientists"?

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