Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thoughts of a Few Days

I, You, We are the ART. Everything else that exists outside of us is an extension of what is naturally inside

The water bottle is a cool invention. It creates a holding tank for the water. Because of it, we can portabalize this sacred element and always be able to replenish the source

Wiggling my tongue in the mirror looks really cool. What would be even cooler is if I had transparent skin so that I could see through myself and everything inside of me

Hunting should only be a sport if the animals willingly participate. Man tries to kill animal. Animal tries to kill man. Imagine a grizzy bear, a buck, an elephant, or a cheetah dodging bullets and running full speed towards you. That could be olympic material

The creation of a Human Being is amazing. From a one celled organism to a multi celled organism in a few days, weeks, and eventually a complete baby in 9 months. In less than a year a person is created. Sperm and Egg are the architects with their DNA as their blueprint

The Body is a community/town/city/state/country/planet/star/universe of cells. Activate the cell communication for optimal cooperation. Work together to rise higher

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