Monday, May 30, 2011


Thank all of your teeth and every body part and organ and muscle and cell and everything that makes you you. everything and everyone deserves acknowledgment and appreciation, communication is the key that opens all locks

The Meaning of the Days according to Cerebral Blueprint

Monday is monz day. The amount of money you make on this day will set the tone for the rest of the week. Call in an amazing financial start to your week, then you can cruise without worry or each day after will continue to increase monetarily

Tuesday is 2's day, the day where things come in 2's. Look for pairs

Wednesday is wedding day. The beginning of the week and the end of the week are being brought together in matrimony to celebrate the middle, the balance. Wednesday night is the filled with energy so enjoy something you like

Thursday is the day of 3, the day where things come 3's. Look for the triangle

Friday is free day. Sprout your wings and fly into the weekend

Saturday is the Circle. The ring around saturn represents the cycle of the week. The weekend is almost over and the new week is about to start. This day is the celebration of the entire week, everything has been leading up to this, time to rage in all ways

Sunday is the day of sun. Look for the sun. Spend time outside and relax. Soak up the sun and reconnect with nature

Oakganic- ill TEXT- Seth W. Gundersheim presents the ?

How do you bring nature to the city without planting trees?

Cerebral Blueprint- Mc Manifesto/Pulpo Pa-Chaow!- Paul L. Bancroft presents the Answer
Act like a tree
9 Evolve
8 Help Out

7 Patience

6 Breathe

5 Grow

4 Soak it Up

3 Reach for the Sun

2 Branch Out

1 Root Down

Introducing The Wellness Philosophy of Being a Tree

The 9 Branches of Elevation

plb swg

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