Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thoughts of Identity

Sewing the fabric of time
One stitch at a time with the power of my mind
Topographical maps allow for dimensions to overlap
Disturbances detected, weather system engage
Forcefield created, it is now safe to gaze

Welcome to the stage where I am a statue of love
Model for the people
The compassionate one
Set the tone for a positive light show
Share with the people to help them grow

As the city melts down, the jellyfish swim away and I am laughing like a clown
Stamp the world with inspiration and motivation
Creativity is exploding from the imagination
Pioneering a new system of cooperation and collaboration for this generation based in a natural foundation

Free gift from the alphabet, you look like you can handle it
Hugging the Universe
The last time is always epic
Soaring through the sky my feet remain grounded
Distractions await for my return
Come to Earth to learn and educate in return

Mission Control, Mission Control
Calling in all of the souls
The toy that glowed helped me to call in those young and old
Breaking the mold of what has been traditionally bought and sold
Reconstruction a new game so that the truth can unfold

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